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How to Join Us

每一年, 我們都會舉辦一至二個場次的寶寶音樂手語專業講師培訓, 由我們的培訓師為學員們上課, 結訓且通過測驗後的學員, 將被授予證書.


每一期的開訓日期及簡章都會事先在官網上公佈, 若您有意成為一位專業寶寶音樂手語講師, 歡迎您向我們詢問.


If you are willing to become a professional baby sign & sing certified instructor, you can join our training workshop. In the workshop, our trainers will coach you for the goal. After you finish the course and pass the test, you will receive your certificat. 


You can find our worshop information on our web or you can contact us for the details.

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